A new iPhone app that’s all about your coffee: take detailed notes and brew the perfect cup.


Press is a new coffee app that's all about your coffee. Log detailed notes about the coffees you drink, and see a world map with pins for each if the coffees you enter. Use the built in brew timers courtesy of Corvus Coffee Roasters, or add your own, to brew a perfect cup every time. Expand your knowledge of coffee in the Resources section.


Coffee Notes

Notes lets you log as much detail as you wish about the coffees you drink. From basics like the coffee name, process, and variety, to the origin of the beans down to the farm and elevation, and who roasted it. Record how it was brewed and your rating. Enter any additional notes that you'd like. Entries can be shared via text message, email, or any of your favorite apps, such as Day One or Evernote, using iOS 8's new sharing extension.


Open the map to see pins spread across the globe showing everywhere that you've enjoyed coffee from — and where you still need to go. Tap on any of the pins to open up that coffee to see the notes you entered. Tap the info button to see at a glance how many coffees you've had in how many countries. Change to satellite view to see the landscape of where the coffee was harvested.

Brew Timers

Brew timers make it easy to brew the perfect cup. Add your favorite recipe with customizable stages, and attributes like temperature and grind. Press comes loaded with a few recipes to get you started, courtesy of Corvus Coffee Roasters in Denver, CO: Chemex, French Press, Moka Pot, and the Hario V60.

Today Widget

Add the Today Widget to iOS' Notification Center, and be reminded of the great coffees you've had in the past. Also included in the Today Widget are buttons to quickly enter a new coffee or start a brew timer. Each time you open Notification Center, you'll see a different highly rated coffee you've drank in the past, and a snippet of the notes you entered.

Advanced Options

Press goes beyond the basics. You can change the default browser, enable basic Markdown tags, or use the custom URL scheme to tie Press in with your existing workflow and automation apps.